cherry blossoms


There are times, when you are in a certain “phase”, trying something, testing other things to find yourself. At least, that is what I tend to do when I’m fascinated by experiences or people coming my way. This is when wingsaregolden had emerged from the ashes of my brain (a rather macabre analogy, but think harry-potter-positivity).

I was fascinated and still am, don’t misunderstand at this point, of young and upcoming fashion designers! They are amazing individuals – creative and at the same time show off strong entrepreneurial minds.

But on the other hand, I feel like I outgrew my blog. There is just so much more out there in this world. There are so many topics I’d like to cover that won’t fit into my self-created-niche.

Isn’t it amazing to look back and see all these experiences I shared with you guys and many others behind the stages, that I allowed you to take a glimpse into? Looking at these moments for me, is like looking at these years of my life and reading about my interests and my personal thoughts.

Like a diary – all these interviews I had, the amazing people I met and the events I went to. Life is exciting! It’s here to change you! Through experiences we can move on and grow into the person we want to be. wingsaregolden, even though I still love you, you have become a third tier in my life. It’s not the space I feel I need anymore.

But don’t fret, if you still want to read something published by me, there’ll be articles (in German though) coming up on They will vary in topics: Tourism, travelling and all that jazz on one hand and sustainability on the other. Topics that move me and may touch you as well?

Also, there may be a new space opening up in the future, who knows! Stay alert, eyes wide open, a big smile on your face and keep on discovering! My facebook page will stay active for now, so any news will be published there.

Have a great week you guys!
I’m excited to start towards new adventures!