Diversity, a word used in many various contexts – multiculturalism or ethnic diversity, cultural diversity, functional diversity, diversity in a political sense. All these words have specific meanings but focus on respect and tolerance for people of different backgrounds, people with impairments or disabilities and also encourage the understanding of interculturality.

While still jet-lagged from my trip to Asia, I received an invitation to Kursalon Vienna. Of course, I couldn’t decline a press event that promised me some idyllic atmosphere with a flair of “Schickeria” as sung by Reinhard Fendrich at a great Viennese location.

The event was quite a private matter and thus I got a chance to talk to Zoe Straub, Tamara Mascara, Monika Haider and many more, as they prepared for the ‘Humana One World of Fashion’ show. Fittings, photo shootings and a very relaxed atmosphere made me enjoy an iced coffee pimped with Baileys while experiencing the beauty and innovation of second hand clothing.

I was lucky enough to be present at Mario Soldo’s fashion show at the MQ Vienna Fashion Week in 2016 thus remembering the fulminant performances and positive vibes. Seeing his new styling combinations of Humana’s garderobe was exhilarating! Not only did we enjoy couture-inspired looks but also traditional dress was presented in an innovative and colourful way. I am looking forward to more surprises during the actual fashion show.

The 10th Diversity Ball marks an important step in an otherwise challenging and long staircase. It emphasises the beauty and individuality of every ball guest. It provides us an opportunity to be ourselves, or maybe just somehow a bit crazier and more open than we tend to be in day to day business. It just doesn’t matter if you prefer certain things or others, if you are able to do certain things or others.

Key is to have fun and create a great atmosphere together and an unforgettable night. Monika Haider, the ball mother, and Elke Zöhrer, the manager of Humana Austria, as well as Mario Soldo, the creative mind behind the highlight of the night, will make sure that there is nothing to be missed.

What: 10 Diversity Ball
When: April 29th 2017, 20:00
Where: Kursalon Vienna, Johannesgasse 33, 1010 Vienna

Get tickets online from the official Ticketshop or go to barrier-free sales outlets:

Humana Alserstraße 41, 1080 Vienna
Humana Lerchenfelderstraße 45-47, 1070 Vienna
Gabarage Upcycling Design, Schleifmühlgasse 6, 1040 Vienna
equalizent, Obere Augartenstraße 20, 1020 Vienna

You want a discount? Then choose ‘Dress Fesch’. Come dressed up in the traditional costume of your region and pay 10 EU less. I may consider this option, since I would love to wear my traditional Polish costume out for a swing! Let’s get the party started or the ball danced, to be exact.

kursalon vienna

On location at Kursalon Vienna.

all photos:

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