british pop up store at millennium city.


On the 27th of August the British Pop Up Store at Millennium City in Vienna closed it’s doors – forever? We don’t know yet. I discovered some new British designers and had the chance to taste British jams and sweets. This catapulted me back to my Masters Studies in the UK some years back. I still remember the rain, the short skirts and weird carpeted flooring in clubs and the crazy rush hours at Piccadilly Circus (circus is the right name in this case).


Back from memory lane I want to present you with my fave designer pieces from the pop up store. I also had the chance to send in some questions to James Harrington. He is the director of E.J. Verdi, the label I found to best fit my taste. Big thanks to Silvio for that opportunity.

E.J. Verdi stands for fashionable, elegant, distinctive and sophisticated British womenswear. They often have dresses and skirts in two lengths (great idea, I think) and manufacture their clothing in the EU.


Don’t be surprised, James isn’t a person of many words but likes it short and sweet. Thus, be ready for some insights into Mr. Harrington’s no-nonsense world! Some love for fabric fairs and some surprising messages await you.

What does your label name stand for? 

Nothing in particular.

Where or when do you get the best ideas for new collections? 

At fabric trade shows.

What is your favourite part about being a fashion designer? 

Attending fabric fairs – very inspirational.

What would you recommend to an Austrian designer if they wanted to enter the British market? 

The British market is poorly understood. Our brand is more popular overseas.

Did you have a chance to discover the Viennese Fashion Scene? What would you say is different compared to the British one? 

We don’t have in-depth knowledge of the Viennese Fashion Scene but it appears to be more sophisticated.

If you could choose a country to live in (except the UK), which one would it be and why?

Canada – climate, sophistication, economy, lifestyle, language.

To stay up to date with the British Pop Up Store you can follow them on Facebook or check out their website. E.J.Verdi also has an up-to-date Instagram account.

All looks by E.J. Verdi.

All pictures taken by wingsaregolden thanks to the remote control.

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