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After deciding to join and receiving the confirmation of participation at the ‘Style Awards’ I started thinking. What can I change about myself to improve whatever needs improving? It was an interesting thought, because naturally I started to consider loosing weight. Welcome to teenieland – aka ‘Mum, I am too fat!’ ‘Mum, why can’t I eat this!’ ‘Mum, tell me what I need to do to loose weight.’ ‘Mum, it’s not working!’ And listeners shaking their head.

Let me explain: I don’t really think that I am fat. It’s just part of the role isn’t it? Being a model implies to always consider your diet. Implies to eat healthier and less sweets. Loosing weight is part of eating less and looking at your calorie intake – a nice side effect. No negativity intended here, I respect that kind of lifestyle! It takes a lot of knowledge to eat the right things at the right time and stay healthy and fit. I can tell you, since I have been trying.

SPORT IS MURDER. (a saying in German)

Next logical step is starting to move your body. I never liked sports. Always starting and trying to keep on but always loosing motivation. Not this time! Now I had the motivation of my life (wouldn’t you agree?). I wanted to look kinda good in my bathing suit out there or at least feel good about myself. So without delay I started my routine.

Every single day I try to at least do something for 30 minutes. Usually I manage to run 5 km in the morning every second day. I go on my stepper for 30-45 minutes every other day. I do yoga once in a while (sorry guys, I am not a fan!) and tummy/back training every now and then. To tone it all I go swimming once a week for one hour. Three weeks isn’t a lot of time, but I guess I have been using it as well as I can.


Trying something new – something I wanted to try for a while: a Lipomassage. I shared my little secret in my last post – I am not perfect (o gosh, please don’t tell everyone!). So since I have a tissue weakness my skin basically invites stretch marks for tea. And because it doesn’t want to be lonely it actually adds some coffee and cookies for the cellulite. Wouldn’t it be boring otherwise? Sounds worse than it is though. So yeah, my body isn’t perfect, but I am working on it – sports and massages I decided are a great mix.

So for the first time I had a Lipomassage two days ago. Of course, I believe in magic but it didn’t happen. One massage won’t change much but it’s a start. It’s a weird experience though. The machine pulls at your skin and sucks it in like a vacuum cleaner. Next to the pull are two metallic rolls that massage your connective tissue at the same time. A masseur moves the machine to the next part of your body and it starts again. Also, not to forget – you are in a tight suit basically naked. Well well, it’s supposed to increase the blood circulation in your legs, bum and lower stomach area and activate your tissue. If you consider the redness afterwards – I would say it was a success!


What I learned in those two weeks is, that you need a lot of self-motivation to keep on growing (what a surprise – not, right?). You need to try new things without fear and need to keep oooooon. Don’t stop and don’t be too disappointed if you’re results are not as perfect as you wish. Accept the time limit and be a perfectionist but also a realist. You need to do your best but accept that no magic exists and that change needs time. Anyways, never stop dreaming – because somehow it may improve quicker than you think! Or may become better than you believe.

This is the fun part: I feel much better about myself. I have more energy and try to achieve my goals every single day. I do fail once in a while not being able to not eat that piece of chocolate or run those 5 km, but does that really matter? I keep on going and keep on discovering new things. And it’s fun to grow and become a new me! Just do it guys – don’t dream about it (Says the one that hopes for magic to come her way – next week? Yes, please. That would be awesome and a perfect timing.)!

One week to go…

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