One of the main discussions on today’s radio broadcasting centred around following topic: Is it better to have a partner who is the opposite of yourself or one who has the same interests. There was no satisfying result and so I was wondering: Are fashion and technology a good match or should they keep away from each other?

Is it better to keep fashion in the fashion business “safe from other influences” – if that’s even possible – or add some spice and an additional layer of usefulness through technical features? Some of you may feel it’s progressive while others may call it a design blasphemy. Should #fashtech (fashion + technology) even exist? I see it as an additional kick of surprise and welcome the change with open arms.

“The next wave in wearables is set to take more of a holistic view of health and lifestyle, going beyond step-tracking to help consumers feel happy, stimulated and at their best.” (Anatomy of a Trend – A WGSN Mindset white paper). And I say: Let’s embrace the change and discover the news firsthand!

Therefore, I am giving away a 1+1 Ticket to Fashion Fusion, Magenta Night @ MAK Vienna on September 27, 2017. Julia Körner as well as Danit Peleg, the forerunners of fashion technology, will be taking part in a public panel. There will also be a Fashion Show! An event you shouldn’t miss, if you are interested in fashion innovation!

© Corinna Stabrawa

How can you win? Please go to my Instagram profile at wingsaregolden and leave a comment below the black and white picture (as seen above). I will randomly draw a winner on Monday, 6 PM and contact you directly via your Instagram profile.

Following institutions and events may be of interest to #fashtech enthusiasts:
1. University of Artistic and Industrial Design in Linz
2. #Fashiontech, the conference in Berlin
3. Fashion Fusion organised by T-Mobile in Vienna

#fashtech #fashionfusion #danitpeleg #juliakoerner

tickets provided by T-Mobile

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