As mentioned in my last post – my weekend was positively and lovely busy! Enjoyed every minute of it. Last time I explained what the Fashion Camp Vienna is about. This time I decided I will give you some insights into blogging. I hope I can introduce you to some new knowledge that you can apply to your blog or social media activities! If you have further input or ideas, please comment – I love sharing knowledge. In this way we can all improve and be our better selves!

Google Analytics

Google analytics google analytics google analytics: apparently that’s the standard and there’s nothing more to be said really – just use it (telling myself…).

Packages for your clients

Create bookable packages for your clients: The Daily Dose told us that they offer three different packages, in different sizes, small, medium and big – dependent who wants a cooperation – they send the best fit to each client. Thus, they have a set standard and the companies know what they will get for their money (of course you need to be flexible enough to adapt to their needs and your blog should be online for at least six months – so not me yet).


rewardStyle: is a monetisation solution, which means that you can earn money through them and with them. it’s mostly about having different kinds of advertisment on your blog, yet there are many solutions you can choose from and find the perfect match for your blog! The only issue is that you need to apply and be accepted, which means that your blog needs to be highly-frequented and popular.


Richard Haderer was introducing us to vlogging. He said the moment to start may be now or never, since it’s growing right now and may offer great opportunities. Go Pro or go pro? …  or better go with your DSL Camera? My boyfriend loves his Go Pro – maybe it’s a men’s world we are entering here? In my opinion it’s best to start with your camera if you have one (you most likely will have one at home if you are a blogger) and move on to further, better equipment after you realise that this is the thing you enjoy doing…movie-making – vlogging – may not be everyone’s thing.


I was introduced to a great collage making tool called picmonkey – thank you spunkyrella. Try it and let me know what you think! Are there others? Better ones? Go for it, comment!

_MG_3560the we love handmade corner at FCVie

photos by wingsaregolden

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    Martina @ Spunkyrella
    September 25, 2015 at 12:20 PM

    Oh, I just found this in your archives! I still love PicMonkey but I also turn to Canva a lot – it´s amazing! xo

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