Do you know that feeling? You stand in front of your wardrobe and think your clothes are boring + old but you still don’t feel like getting rid of them? I have three tricks on how to do it.


Try to use hangers for all of your clothes (if you don’t already do). If you can’t (because that’s just not you) try to make space for ‘I have worn that piece of clothing’ and ‘I have yet to wear it’ piles. Afterwards choose the amount of time to give yourself to wear all the pieces (let’s say six months?). Whenever you wear a piece of clothing from the hangers, turn the hanger around when getting the piece back into your wardrobe, so that you realise what you have worn and what you haven’t taken out for a ‘walk’ (same with the have – haven’t worn pile). After a month check whatever is left unworn and then give it away. If you can’t part with a piece, because of the memories attached to it, then don’t – but think very hard if you want to keep it, since you most likely won’t be wearing it anymore.

Top Swap

Choose 5 pieces of clothing at Top Swap (or depending on how many are allowed) and join an event to exchange clothes with others. I can only speak for Vienna. We have an event called Top Swap. You can choose 5 pieces for exchange and take 5 pieces back home – why not try to recycle? Someone’s old clothes may be wonderful on you. Another event is called Fesch’Kleidertauschbörse, same idea but you take clothes in bulk and they are weighted. Thus, you can take home kilograms of clothes rather than pieces.


There are stylists, who help you with firstly – getting rid of your old clothes and secondly – styling old clothes in a new and innovative way. Some even offer to go shopping with you – to create your new self. If you have any recommendations for stylists, who offer such a service, feel free to let me know. I would love to try it out and inform you about the result – haven’t done so yet.

photos by wingsaregolden


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