Marry Yourself

I hope your week was great and your weekend will be awesome. I went to an extravagant event yesterday. I was invited to join my fellow fashion-campers (FCVie) at a wedding dress session.

küss die Braut Designerin Kerstin Melcher came especially from Germany to tell us all about her collection and her own story. She explained the designing process and told us that she cares for and considers actual fashion trends, which is unconventional when designing wedding dresses.

Finally, she showed us heart-shaped samples made of material and explained, that they were given to the brides at the time of purchase, so that they would always have the correct material with them in case they wanted to buy shoes or accessories – what a cute idea, don’t you agree? Her collection is sold at the Steinecker Brautmode, who kindly hosted us and gave us the opportunity to put on the dresses of our choice! Yes, you can imagine the girl craziness taking place!

Kerstin Mechler
küss die Braut designer Kerstin Melcher

designing process
designing process by küss die Braut


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