I know I know fashion and adorable doesn’t seem like a combination we would like to see or does it now? Well, I can only speak for myself here – it was great! An experience we fortunately didn’t miss at a hidden location we wondered about – what would it end up being?

As a regular fashion-event-goer, I mostly know what to expect. Well-dressed or hip people running around with drinks and enjoying a fashion presentation of some kind or a pop up store to buy things made by young designers or artists – all good so far.

This event was marketed as a secret event, so you may realise how I was appalled to get in. I wanted to be in the know and see what this hidden story was all about. And it seriously made my day!

“Bridge over troubled water” by Michael Dürr, which took part one month ago, was an event with many faces. Every room had something else to offer and discover. At the beginning we were welcomed by the host – yes the old-fashioned way. We got to shake hands with Josef Paulis, the owner of the Bridge Club Vienna. Next we got some Gin by wiengin and/or wine by Looswein Vienna – both great alcoholic beverages. After that you could mix it up with some Aida cakes to stay in a good mood and add some coffee to that for an additional wake-up-kick.

Installations on the wall coming from various beamers where keeping us company after we got to enter the Saloon for the fashion show. Not a typical one – die Nachbarin took over that part and was assisted by many faces but one stood out, her husband and moderator Howard Nightingall.

It was amazingly fun to listen to him and his little side-jokes along the way (he told us afterwards that he had no run-through and had to improvise many little details).

We listened to a wild-guitar player (electric guitar), to a powerful drummer-girl and unfortunately, didn’t catch the reading of love letters…we got some drinks from an actual kitchen and went to a room that seemed like a small gallery with paintings and art exhibits. Everything had a touch of cuteness to it (not the typical one, but the one that comes with a touch of childlike happiness).

Perfect imperfections along the way made it lightly-fun.

The vast mix of people ranged from artists to affluent business men, from bankers to bridge players, from photographers to random students stumbling over the event on Facebook.

Seriously guys, I go to many events but this one touched me somehow – I liked it a lot! And if there is another one coming up, you will definitely see me there!

And I’m posting this now because there is an upcoming event by Michael Dürr – “Europe’s first ever Open Air – Cinema for Photography”. Very exciting!






dancing in swimwear by Maragret and Hermione // Loos Salon Vienna // look out the window // staircases // instrumental tunes by Gregor Colacoaster

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