Every year I tend to forget how busy the week before New Year’s Eve is and how naive it is to actually plan anything during these days. I won’t have the time for it, even if it is a post I want to finalise.

So for this year I decided to cut me some slack and made January part of 2017. You may say this is weird, but for me this means I can do everything I couldn’t in 2017 and it feels good. Fake it till you make it – right?

Today, I want to share the interview of Magdalena and Svenja from Majavia with you. I stumbled upon them, when I was looking for the perfect personalised Christmas gift. My whole family got a passport holder with their initials on it (I got one for myself as well). The products are made of recycled leather and therefore very durable.

I believe personalisation to be very important in the upcoming years as well as experience-gifting. What did you surprise your friends and family with for Christmas?


Corinna: Self-employment is a big challenge. Why did you decide to set up your own company?

Magdalena & Svenja: We both thought about setting up our own company quite a long time ago for the first time – independently from each other. After studying we began to work as employees – Svenja as a merchandise controller at Peek & Cloppenburg & Magdalena as a consultant in a PR agency. But when getting together in our free time and talking about our dreams we finally decided to team up and found a company together. The idea was born, we quit our jobs and the journey of Majavia began.

C: How did you meet and what makes you a perfect team?

M, S: We both have known each other for about 4 years and we met because of a common friend. For us the most important things when working together are the trust in each other, the common sense of how things should work and the equal working base – in the meaning of how you work, how you structure yourself and how you are able to talk about things. Because of that we managed to build up the brand Majavia and made it able to grow.

C: Why did you decide to use recycled leather for your products? Why is it important to you?

M, S: We spent a lot of time in finding a suitable material for our brand. From the beginning on we thought about using real leather for our products, because it’s a material that guarantees a robust and very high quality. But we missed the sustainable and innovative factor. During fair visits, talks with specialists and lots of research we finally found the perfect material for Majavia: the recycled leather. This material guarantees a very high quality by using already existing resources and natural raw materials. We love the idea of reusing resources and remaking something new and beautiful of it – resources given by nature are worthwhile and we need to appreciate them.

C: How do you live sustainably? Is there anything your try to avoid or do in your private life to make the world a little better?

M, S: We live the approach we implemented in our brand Majavia. For us it’s important to appreciate the resources. We don’t want to waste them. The questions about what you really need becomes more and more present in our minds. Nature has so much to offer not only the resources to live but also amazing landscapes and so many things to explore – we need to be grateful for it.

C: Do you think personalization is something that is changing the fashion world? Will there be more of it and how do your customers react to your offer?

M, S: We don’t think it will change the fashion world – but yes the topic of mass customization is getting more and more popular. Many brands already implemented the possibility to personalize their products and it will probably increase even more. Most of our consumers buy their product personalized which also makes a nice gift.

C: Travel is key to your brand. What does it mean to you personally?

M, S: We both love to travel and with Majavia it is possible not only to deal with travel topics as a hobby but also as our daily work. For us, to travel opens your mind, inspires you and gives you the possibility, to explore new things – there’s so much to see!

C: Which destination would be your dream come true for New Year’s Eve and why?

Svenja: I actually don’t care so much about this night but a rooftop in New York would be a nice place for spending New Years and watching the pretty fireworks.

Magdalena: For me it’s not important to spend New Year’s Eve in a special place – I like to enjoy this evening / night with friends or family. But if I could choose I would like to spend this time with my beloved ones in a cozy chalet in the mountains with lots of snow outside.

C: What can we expect from Majavia in 2018?

M, S: We’re already planning new products, colors and an extra range for men. This means that there’s a lot to do but we love to create new things and discuss new thoughts.

photography: Corinna Stabrawa
location: kitchen floor & Schallaburg
wallpaper: Salon Hochstetter

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