Let’s say it as it is. I went to the Fashion Camp Vienna, as mentioned some posts back and had the pleasure of attending a beauty workshop sponsored by Sisley. It was amazing. We got the chance to try all their new products. Of course, it was for marketing purposes but this doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy being told how to make my face more attractive and what to put where to improve my outer beauty and let my eyes pop. And it certainly doesn’t mean that I didn’t buy anything afterwards. I love good products and Sisley produces some great things that I can only recommend. I realise that they are expensive, but I believe that buying one good product is better than buying 5 worse ones. Always check if there is any goodie you may not know of. I didn’t realise that Phyto-Cernes Éclat, the concealer, comes with a brush.

I am curious! do you have any experience with Sisley products you want to share? please do!

Phyto-Touches brush, Phyto-Cernes Éclat 1 + brush

photos by wingsaregolden
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