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Name choices, moments of stress and live concerts. Birgit Beham tells us about her future plans and what her husband does for her label. She also explains what blogs mean to her and how Coco Chanel fits into all that.



New trend? Already passed? I don’t really care. Recently, LILA a young designer living & working in Vienna lend me a scarf, which she always uses as a turban herself. So I decided to try it (since many people tell me that head covers such as hats or various other things look good on me).

Here you will see my first try and soon I will present to you a second way of doing it. There are many possibilities! Even if you change a tiny thing it may look totally different on you. I like that it’s attention-grabbing but easy to do – takes less than 5 minutes – yes please!

top & trousers by LILA