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2016 has begun and I am lost. Why, you may wonder!?

Somehow I changed a lot personally but my style stayed the same throughout the years. I am in a moment of transition. What does that mean? I am looking for new collections and started to combine the clothes I own in new ways. It’s not an easy task, as I feel that my wardrobe is quite used up since most of my clothing is at least 5 years old.

This doesn’t mean that H&M and ZARA will have me back, but I am curious about all things young and independent fashion design. I stumbled upon ROEE some weeks ago and fell in love with their collection. The skirts and shirts can easily be combined with more ‘mainstream’ wear and still have a special effect on your peers.

It’s not something everyone will wear or can find in hundred of other shops around the world. For me, those pieces make up the perfect office style! Rene Pomberger (and Michael Mairhofer) are using high quality materials for their collection and inspire with little details such as an asymmetric skirt or a t-shirt that’s a combination of shirt and blouse.

What would you wear to work and which pieces help you catch the right kind of attention? Any young or independent designers you have in mind?

wearing total looks by ROEE (shop here).