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Sometimes you come to a very touristic place and you think to yourself – ‘there is nothing to discover anymore. It’s all the same – full of tourists, full of street vendors, who want to sell another token to you.’ Yeah, no thanks. But is that reason enough to give up a ‘mainstream’ city?!



Sometimes you realise that even though you live in a country; you never really experienced it fully. I am Viennese, I have been living in Vienna my whole life & know my way around in our beautiful city. But send me further, to a smaller place in Austria & I may not have seen it before, even if it only lies in the proximity of a one-hour-drive. My curiosity always led me to further places, more exotic more foreign – to see different cultures & learn that the world has not only one shade but offers so much more. But my boyfriend decided to take me through Carinthia on our way to Italy & I loved it. The Großglockner with it’s fresh air & majestic mountain tops . The “Kärtner Kasnuddln” we had issues to find & finally pinned down with the help of NudlKudlMudl. & the sheep I named Louise (because sometimes I just feel like it), which just wanted some strangers hands to pet it.