wannabe model diary 3


This will be the last wannabe model diary before the actual happening. So as you can probably guess – I am nervous. Tuesday is coming closer…wait what? It’s actually tomorrow! Yeah, well…I am as ready as I can be. Last week was busy! I tried some interesting beauty routines. Things I always wanted to do, but never did because it seemed unimportant or just not important enough! Not now! Now was the ‘don’t wait any longer, just do it time’. It worked out well, I must confess. And it’s fun to enjoy some beauty typhooning!


I got a fake tan. I know – weird and why would I do that? I agree, totally weird, since you change color from one moment to the other. But I was curious. Since long I wanted to try and go to a tanning salon. Never did and won’t do it. But then I realised there is spray tanning!

It’s much healthier to the alternative and uses cane sugar instead of carotene so you don’t turn orange. Puh…lucky! I didn’t turn orange, but even the softest level is quite dark for my light skin. It also dirties your bed sheets, even after showering! And my white shirt turned brownish-yellow too. The result is acceptable but the smell after tanning is horrible!


The magic of waxing is a power in itself, don’t you agree? It can also be quite painful, depending on the area you are actually waxing. A swimsuit asks for the most extreme measures! Ouch. But being beautiful means breathing in and breathing out and ignoring the pain.


Lucky me. I was invited to the ‘good hair day’ at g-room salon by the Fashion Camp Vienna. GHD showed us (me and other bloggers) how to use their hair straightening or curling tools. No worries, I tried it on hairdresser dolls so nobody was burned or hurt. Next up was a personal consultation. Main topic: my scalp. Uh…please look away. A scalp just isn’t photogenic at all. It’s the opposite – just horrific. But it also shows, that we often forget that it exists.

My result was accordingly – really bad. So I had a peeling, a head massage, my hair was shampooed and washed properly with the O’Right Camomile Shampoo (perfect for sensitive scalps such as mine). My hair was clean, shiny and soft for almost a week! But it wasn’t yet totally up-to-date. So, to finalise my mission of a clean and healthy scalp, I will have another treatment at g-room salon tomorrow.


I would love to eat chocolate right now – dreamland alert! But no. This topic is about me bathing in a Cleopatra-inspired mixture.

One litre of whole milk and a big spoon of honey. I must admit, it’s a bit different than what I expected. Can’t really explain what I actually DID expect. But the result is wonderful.

My skin was and is soft. Nevertheless, I smelled like a person actually sitting in milk afterwards – wait, yeah that’s what happened. I will most likely not do it again. I would rather peel my skin to receive a similar effect then sit in milk for half an hour.


Yes, I got some Hello Kitty on my nails, but probably in a different way, than you expect. Today’s beauty procedure led me to the nails2go salon. I decided to get some shellack on my rather tired-looking nails. The nail polish I chose was called Hello Kitty. What colour do you think it is? Please, guess. Now read on. It’s light pink – a perfect fit to my bathing suit. What can I say, I am a perfectionist.


We all should realise by now how powerful google is or can be. That search engine is a master brain! Whatever you look for, you will most likely find something about the topic of interest. My google searches led me to questions such as ‘How to walk the runway properly?’, ‘What to eat on the day of the show?’, ‘How to cover your nipples? (or is that even necessary?)’ and so on. Some results were useful, others nonsense. I mostly mixed it up with my experience from the fashion world, some google input and common sense. Should be good enough, I guess.


Tomorrow is the day. The day I am looking forward to. The day I will enjoy my first catwalk and have fun while savour that experience. It will last for 30 seconds or maybe 1 minute at it’s best – but I will grow then. At that very moment, I will know I did it!

If you want to follow me around tomorrow, make sure you follow me on Instagram. I will post Insta-stories of the getting ready, dressing up and doing all hidden things backstage. Worth a glimpse – maybe?

Just for your info: I actually paid for all the procedures myself!

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    September 13, 2016 at 1:10 PM

    Viel Erfolg, meine Liebe! Aber ich weiß eh, dass du das wunderbar machen wirst! Ich wär gern dabei.

    Liebe Grüsse und bis nächste Woche,

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