Let me tell you the story – Facebook would say it’s complicated.

I used normal shampoos until 3-4 years back when all of them started itching and making my hair look oily every single (or second) day. Of course, that was the moment when I told myself, this won’t do – I don’t want to be washing my long hair every day to look healthy and fresh. Therefore, I started trusting Bioestetique, which helped with my scalp regulation and the itching got much better. Even the oiliness was minimised.

Now I was brave last month and tried a new biological product, which I can also use and recommend (it amazes me every single time when I find a shampoo that works for my hair and scalp). The brand is called O’right and it produces beautifully bottled shampoos, conditioners and other hair products. There are various products fit for every hair type – my favourite is the Goji Berry Shampoo.

I only have a two step policy for hair washing – shampooing in a circular movement (like when a hairdresser massages your scalp) and conditioning my hair afterwards (I use Paul Brown Hawaii Resurrect) – but only at the ends (if you haven’t cut your hair for a long time and have split ends this is a step you shouldn’t miss).

Sometimes I add some hair oil in winter or if I feel the ends are dry, look tired and it’s difficult to brush them  – only at the ends though (don’t use too much or you will need to start the whole procedure from scratch since your hair will look oily). The product of my choice is Oil Miracle – liquid oil conditioner – by Schwarzkopf.

Another product I use when I feel that washing my hair is just too much work (and laziness or tiredness take over) is dry shampoo. Here I am satisfied with Pret-a-powder by Bumble and Bumble.

Which products do you use or can you recommend?

hair routine final

my basic hair routine

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